Hotei-zu (the God of Happiness and Abundance) / Kagawa Kochu (inscribed) / Itō Jakuchū

【A designated cultural property of Sakata City】

Mid-Edo Era (18C)

Although many of the illustrations created by Itō Jakuchū (1716-1800) in Chinese ink are masterpieces, showcasing expertly manipulated water and ink, this painting features a simplified ink-and-water sketch; exuding Zen-like wit and heartwarming joviality. Taut and beautifully curved lines bring Hotei, the pot-bellied God of Contentment, to life. Here, he is shown lowering a large sack, revealing a somewhat melancholic expression with almond-like eyes, lowered eyebrows, and wrinkles between the brows. The illustration also features a poem composed by the Kyoto poet Kagawa Kochu (1745-1821).