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Ei-Q (pronounced Eikyū)


Born in Miyazaki Prefecture. In the process of becoming an artist and painter, he studied photographic techniques at photography school. In 1935, he created a new type of expression called “photo-dessins”, a method using the fusion of photograms and paintings. Photograms are photographic images made by placing objects on top of photographic paper, then exposing it to light. In 1951 he founded the Society of Democrat Artists, a free artists’ association which advocated to break down the framework of public exhibitions. He focused on creating poetic printmaking and strived to improve the status of printmaking art. In his later years, he produced unique oil paintings full of exuberance and cosmic expanse. In 1952 he founded the Sōzō Art Education Association with Kubo Sadajirō and Kitagawa Tamiji. His multifaceted genius blossomed and significantly influenced the history of post-war Japanese art.