Satouchi Naoji

Year unknown

Donated by Satouchi Ryūkichi 

Satouchi Naoji (1912-2002) was born in the town of Ritto, Shiga Prefecture. He graduated from the sculpture department of the Tōkyō Fine Arts School in 1941. Subsequently, while at said school, he met Satō Chūryō, who would go on to become emblematic of the Japanese sculpture community. The two formed a lifelong friendship. In 1942, he was awarded the New Creative Award at the 7th Shinseisaku Art Society Exhibition. After the war, he became an art teacher at Sakata Higashi High School, focusing on the creation of oil paintings. His work, whether in sculpture or oil painting, has characteristically stable composition that leaves the viewer with a calming impression, penetrating the hearts of those who view his work.