Shinkanshojō imperial letter

Important Work of Art

Emperor Gokōgon

Nanboku-chō period (14th century)

Acquired in 1969 (purchased)

Emperor Gokōgon (1338–1374) was the fourth emperor of the Northern Court during the Nanboku-chō period. In the history of calligraphy, the Nanboku-chō period in particular produced many notable calligraphers, mostly emperors and members of the imperial family, of whom Emperor Gokōgon was one of the most outstanding nōshoka (master calligraphers).


This letter is an exhortation, urging a certain person to come to him by the end of the following day, as there were compelling matters that required swift consultation. The work fully displays both Emperor Gokōgen’s nobility and the abundance of his skill.