“Uesugi Akisada shojō,” a letter from the Anazawa Monjo

Important Work of Art

Akisada Uesugi

November 9, Eishō 4–6 (1507–9)

Acquired in 1965 (donated by the Homma family)

This is a thank-you letter from Akisada Uesugi (1454–1510), who governed the Kantō region from his base at Hachigata Castle in Musashi Province (modern day Saitama Prefecture). It expresses his delight at the bestowal of the first cod of the season.

The Anazawa Monjo is a collection of documents (1 volume, 24 works) dating from the Nanboku-chō period to the Muromachi period designated nationally important works of art. The collection was handed down to the Anazawa clan, who were based in Hirose, Uonuma in Echigo Province (modern day Minamiuonuma in Niigata Prefecture).

I am pleased at the arrival of the first cod.


9 November, Akisada (signature)